Who We Are

“Women Who Love Young Life” represents thousands of us who have a story, an experience, a deep appreciation, relationships, and very often a faith that began in Christ through the ministry of Young Life. Some of us were club kids, served as leaders, work crew, or summer staff, maybe we’re parents or grandparents, or friends of people who love Young Life.We might have gone to a club, a camp, a banquet, a retreat, or seen Young Life in another country and we’ve LOVED how the life of Jesus is shared through joy, authenticity, and friendship in an engaging and relevant way.


In culture today we’re seeing opportunities for women rising in education, jobs, leadership, earnings, and influence. In Young Life, we have a unique and timely opportunity to engage and affirm women, inviting them into more of their impact, more of their voice, heart, and contribution to our mission.

And this is exactly what Jesus was doing when he was here; inviting both women and men to be in on it with him. He has always affirmed our unique way, our perspectives, our instincts, and also … our contributions, big and small – whatever it is, we are invited!


Our Approach

Young Life's Mission

Introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Women’s Engagement and Philanthropy

Why We Exist
To engage women in increasingly meaningful ways in the mission of Young Life.

What We Plan to Accomplish
To establish a multi-faceted program that cultivates opportunities for women to engage in the mission and furthers their involvement.

Our Approach and Values
• Contribute to a culture that invites and values women
• Inspire and equip women to expand their influence
• Collaborate with Young Life field ministries and mission initiatives, and like-minded organizations
• Create new and innovative avenues of involvement
• Implement effective, transferable and sustainable programs

Did you know that it was the prayers of women that began the movement of Young Life in the early 1930s? ​ And ever since, women have continued to be an integral part of kids’ lives being influenced by the love of Jesus through Young Life, now all over the world.

A Widow’s Way:

Finding safety, connection, and joy again

A Widow’s Way is a safe place in YL relationships for those experiencing loss to grieve while adjusting and learning a different way to live a purposeful and joyous life over time.

Advisory Council Members

Nancy Brandon, Atherton, CA

Ashley Carbonatto, Seattle, WA

Susan Crenshaw, Colorado Springs, CO

Shanda Damphousse, San Diego, CA​​

Jazmin Dore, Bronx, NY​​

Jamie Lisea, Santa Barbara, CA

Nikita Murry,​ Midland, MI

Laurie Parton, Santa Barbara, CA

Susan Peterson, Atlanta, GA

Beth Reagan, Atlanta, GA

Kathy Stevens, Dallas, TX

Judy Sweeney, San Juan Capistrano, CA


What is Young Life's Women's Engagement and Philanthropy?
Women's Engagement and Philanthropy is an office in Young Life that seeks to engage women who love the mission of Young Life through new and meaningful opportunities.

What is a Giving Circle?
Giving Circles are "democratized giving" opportunities. The goal is to gather groups of women to each give an amount of money to a Young Life ministry of their choice in an engaging and connective environment.

How can I get involved?
There are many ways to get involved in Young Life and join the "Women Who Love Young Life" movement! Tell us more about yourself and we will connect you with opportunities near you.

What is Living Prayer?
Join us on Instagram Monday's at 9am PST for 15 minutes to engage with Jamie Lisea, Director of Women's Engagement and Philanthropy and her special guests each week to pray, learn and grow in the mission of Young Life. ​ It's an inspiring way to use social media to pray for our brothers and sisters around the globe. ​ Follow us @womenwholoveyl

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